# List of Publication by Prof. Koustuv Debnath
1 Krishnendu Barman, Sayahnya Roy, Susanta Chaudhuri, Koustuv Debnath, Recirculation Region Control Behind a Partially Submerged Cylinder Due to Wave Against Current, Book Chapter, 349-363, River, Sediment and Hydrological Extremes: Causes, Impacts and Management, Springer Nature Singapore, 2023
2 V K Das, K Debnath, S Chaudhuri, Chapter 7-Stabilization of Manmade Embankments at Indian Sundarbans Estuary Through Turbulence Control at Flow-Sediment Interface: Field Survey and Flume Experimentation, 127-147, River Dynamics and Flood Hazards, Springer, Singapore, 2022
3 S K Singh, P K Raushan, K Debnath, Turbulent Flow Over a Train of K-Type Roughness, 110, 207-215, River Hydraulics, Water Science and Technology Library book series (WSTL,volume 110), Springer,, 2022
4 P K Raushan, S K Singh, K Debnath, Turbulence Flow Statistics Downstream of Grids with Various Mesh Sizes, 110, 59-69, River Hydraulics, Water Science and Technology Library book series (WSTL,volume 110). Springer, 2022
5 Manas Kumar Bhukta, Gautam Kumar Bose and Koustuv Debanth, Chapter 8 - Study of Turbulent Plane Circular Jet for Modulation of Recirculation Zone Behind a Cubical Obstruction (Book - Advanced Applications in Manufacturing Enginneering), Woodhead Publishing (Availabe in Science Direct), 2019

Created: 23 November 2019