# List of Publication by Prof. Subrata Chakraborty
1 Dr. Pijush Samui, Dieu Tien Bui, Subrata Chakraborty, Ravinesh C Deo, HANDBOOK OF PROBABILISTIC MODELS FOR ENGINEERS AND SCIENTIST, Elsevier Sc., 2019, 2019
2 Subrata Chakraborty, Atin Roy, Shyamal Ghosh, Swarup Ghosh, Metamodeling-Based Reliability Analysis of Structures Under Stochastic Dynamic Loads with Special Emphasis to Earthquake, Risk Based Technologies P. V. Varde et al. (eds.), Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2019, 2019
3 Ghosh, S., Mitra, S., Ghosh, S. and Chakraborty, S, Seismic Reliability Analysis in the Framework of Metamodeling Based Monte Carlo Simulation, 192-208, Modeling and Simulation Techniques in Structural Engineering (CHP 6) IGI Global, Hershey PA, USA IGI Global, 2017
4 P. Samui, S. Chakraborty and D. Kim (Eds.), Modeling and Simulation Techniques in Structural Engineering, |DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0588-4, IGI Global, Hershey PA, USA, ISBN13: 9781522505884| ISBN10: 1522505881| EISBN13: 9781522505891, 2016
5 Chakraborty, Subrata; Bhattacharya, Gautam, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Engineering under Uncertainty, Safety Assessment and Management (ISEUSAM - 2012), Springer, 2Softcover Softcover (also known as softback) version I ISBN 978-81-322-0756-6, 2012
6 S Bhattacharjya and S Chakraborty, Efficient robust optimization of structures subjected to earthquake load and characterized by uncertain bounded system parameters In Structural Seismic Design Optimization and Earthquake Engineering, 105-127, Formulations and Applications Eds. Plevris V, Mitropoulou, C Lagaros, ND, IGI Global, Hershey PA, USA, ISBN 978-1-4666-1640-0 (hardcover)- ISBN 978-1-4666-1641-7(ebook), 2012
7 Subrata Chakraborty and Palash Chandra Sam, Reliability Analysis of Structures under Hybrid Uncertainty, 76-100, Safety and Risk Modeling and Their Applications Ed. Hoang Pham, Springer Verlag London 2011, 2011
8 S. Chakraborty and A. Chaudhuri, Time Dependent Seismic Reliability Analysis of Structure with Uncertain System Parameter in Reliability Engineering Advances, Ed: Gregory I. Hayworth, 2009 (ISBN: 978-1-60692-329-0), NOVA Publishing House, New York., 2009
9 S. K. Ray and S. Chakraborty, Fundamentals of Structural Analysis, S. Chand & Company Ltd, Ram Nagar, New Delhi 110055. 1st Edn 2002, 2nd Edn 2008., 2008
10 S. Chakraborty, Safety Assessment of Structures Under Hybrid Uncertainty, CUED/C-MECH/TR-86, Sept.2003, (ISSN 0309-7420.), Dept. of Engng., Univ. of Cambridge., 2003

Created: 23 November 2019