# List of Publication by Prof. Subrata Chakraborty
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6 Gaurav Datta, Soumya Bhattacharjya, and Subrata Chakraborty, Optimization of Concrete Chimneys Considering Random Underground Blast and Temperature Effects, Handbook of Formal Optimization, Springer Nature Singapore A. J. Kulkarni, A. H. Gandomi (eds., 2023
7 Partha Sengupta, Sudib K Mishra, Subrata Chakraborty, Bayesian Updating of Structures based on a Metropolis-Hastings based Heteroscedastic Hierarchical Model.,, Structural Health Monitoring & assessment-Opportunities &Challenges: Bridge Building & Other Infrastructures World Scientific press, 2022
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14 Chakraborty, Subrata; Bhattacharya, Gautam, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Engineering under Uncertainty, Safety Assessment and Management (ISEUSAM - 2012), Springer, 2Softcover Softcover (also known as softback) version I ISBN 978-81-322-0756-6, 2012
15 S Bhattacharjya and S Chakraborty, Efficient robust optimization of structures subjected to earthquake load and characterized by uncertain bounded system parameters In Structural Seismic Design Optimization and Earthquake Engineering, 105-127, Formulations and Applications Eds. Plevris V, Mitropoulou, C Lagaros, ND, IGI Global, Hershey PA, USA, ISBN 978-1-4666-1640-0 (hardcover)- ISBN 978-1-4666-1641-7(ebook), 2012
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19 S. Chakraborty, Safety Assessment of Structures Under Hybrid Uncertainty, CUED/C-MECH/TR-86, Sept.2003, (ISSN 0309-7420.), Dept. of Engng., Univ. of Cambridge., 2003

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