# List of Publication by Dr. Sutapa Das
1 Narendr, A, Aithal, BH, Das, S., Assessing coastal flood impact on buildings: A climate change perspective from the developing nation, Page (147-164), Geohazards and Disaster Risk Reduction: Multidisciplinary and Integrated Approaches, 2023
2 S. Roy, S. Das, P K Mondal, An Assessment of Canal Top to Set-Up Solar Power Plants in New Town (Rajarhat), Kolkata, 48-53, 75+ Case Studies of Innovative Projects of Smart Cities Mission - Part B: Climate Change & Resilient Cities, NIUA, New Delhi, 2023
3 Das, S., Use of BIM and prefabrication to improve environmental sustainability of affordable housing in India, 121-128, In Annual Tech. Vol 2019 of Arch. Engg. Div. on ‘Sustainable Architectural Engineering: Materials and Technology’, Kolkata: Institute of Engineers India, 2019
4 Mohanta, A., Mohanty, R.N., & Das, S. (2019), Technical issues of using BIM: East Indian architects’ perspective. In Research into Design for a Connected World, Ed. A Chakraborti, (565-574), Singapore: Springer, 2019
5 Mohanta, A. & Das, S. (2018), Trends and challenges of facilities management of green buildings of eastern India. In Annual Technical Volume 2018 of Architectural Engineering Division on ‘Technologies for Futuristic Architecture and Urbanism’, 67-77, Kolkata: Institute of Engineers India, 2018
6 Raj, H. & Das, S. (2017), Importance of valuation of environmental sustainability of affordable housing in India. In Construction Mgmt., Mechanization & Environmental  Sustainability , Ed. K.Avishek, M. Mohan & G. Pathak, (213-219), New Delhi: White Falcon Publishing, 2017
7 Das, S. (2015), Effect of light on the wellbeing of people in the IT industry in Design for Sustainable Well-being and Empowerment, Ed. M. Mani & P. Kandachar, (463-474), IISc Press and TU Delft, 2015
8 Das. S. (2014), Hidden cost in PPP project: A case study of East West metro of Kolkata in Urbanisation in Asia: Urban governance, infrastructure and the environment, Ed. Kala. S. Seetharam & Guanghua Wan,, (149-164), Germany: Springer, 2014

Created: 23 November 2019