# List of Publication by Prof. Swarup Kumar Ghosh
1 Rahul Samanta, Sandip Kunar, Gurudas Mandal, Atul Bandyopadhyay, Arindam Biswas and Swarup Kumar Ghosh, Recent Progress in Nanomaterials-based IoT-Enabled Sensor, Hybrid nanostructures as solid state sensors, CRC Press, 2024
2 Rahul Samanta, Gaurav Kumar Bansal, Swarup Kumar Ghosh, Gurudas Mandal, Properties and Applications of Bainitic Railway Steel Prepared by Mechanical Alloying, Advancements in Powder Metallurgy: Processing, Applications, and Properties (DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-9385-4), IGI Global, 2023
3 Swarup Kumar Ghosh and Muralidhar Yadav, Correlation Between Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Microalloyed Pipeline Steel, "Advances in Solid-State Welding and Processing of Metallic Materials", CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, USA, 2023
4 Indrajit Dey, Swarup Kumar Ghosh and Manish Roy, Chapter-3: Ferrite Pearlitic Heat Treatable Alloy Steel, High Performance Steel for Strategic Applications; CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL (Taylor and Francis, UK), 2023
5 I. Dey, R. Saha and S. K. Ghosh, Influence of cooling rate on the microstructure-property correlation of Nb microalloyed near eutectoid steel, 01-22, Advances in Engineering Research. Volume 48 (ISBN: 978-1-68507-894-2), Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, New York, United States,, 2022
6 Indrajit Dey, Pallabi Manna, Muralidhar Yadav, Nisith Kumar Tewary, Jayanta Kumar Saha and Swarup Kumar Ghosh, Study on the Perspective of Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behaviour of Stainless Steel, Plain and TMT Rebars, IntechOpen, London, 01-22, Stainless Steels (ISBN 978-1-80355-133-3), 2021
7 S Mitra, S K Ghosh and S Mukherjee, A Novel Low-Carbon High-Strength Steel: Processing, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties, 125-133, Advanced High Strength Steel: Processing and Applications (ISBN 978-981-10-7892-7), Springer, Singapore,, 2018

Created: 23 November 2019