# List of Publication by Prof. Souvanic Roy
1 Tathagata Chatterji, Souvanic Roy & Atanu Chatterjee, Sub-national Political Culture and Covid-19 Pandemic: Governance Response Towards Life & Livelihood Vulnerabilities of Urban Poor in India, Chapter 28, 713-738, Local Government and the Covid-19 Pandemic A Global Perspective (ed) Carlos Nunes Silva, 2022
2 Subrata Kr. Paul, Souvanic Roy, Soumen Mitra, Urban Dynamics, Socioeconomic Transformation and Built Heritage in a Historic Town of India: An Appraisal, Volume 1, 115-136, Social Transformations in India, Myanmar, and Thailand (eds) Yamahata, C., Seekins, D.M., Takeda, M., 2021
3 Soumen Mitra, Souvanic Roy, Subrata Kr. Paul, Rehabilitative Planning Strategy for Transformative Changes of Vulnerable Communities in Indian Sundarban., Volume 1, 259-278, Social Transformations in India, Myanmar, and Thailand (eds) Yamahata, C., Seekins, D.M., Takeda, M., 2021
4 Souvanic Roy, Development Efforts towards Ecological Sustainability in Calcutta: Transformation of a Metropolis, Volume 1, 31-46, Rights and Security in India, Myanmar, and Thailand (eds) Yamahata, C., Sudo, S., Matsugi, T., 2020
5 Subrata Kr. Paul, Abhinanda Chatterjee, Souvanic Roy, Issues and Challenges for Transit-Oriented Development in the Scenario of a Developing Country: The Case of Kolkata Metropolitan Area, India, Chapter 4, 65-90, Perception, Design and Ecology of the Built Environment: A Focus on the Global South, 2020
6 Souvanic Roy, Tathagata Chatterji, The smart city policy of India and its governance implications, Chapter 7, 108-126, Smart Cities in Asia Governing Development in the Era of Hyper- Connectivity (eds) Yu-Min Joo, Teck-Boon Tan, 2020
7 Tathagata Chatterji, Souvanic Roy, Gentrification and Post-industrial Spatial Restructuring in Calcutta, India, Volume II, 269-288, Gentrification around the World Palgrave Studies in Urban Anthropology (eds) J.Krase, J. DeSena, 2020
8 Souvanic Roy, Architectural Design, 49-56, The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design, Bloomsbury Publishing (ISBN 9781472521576), 2015
9 Souvanic Roy, Soumen Mitra, Sudip Kr. Roy, Manas Kr. Sanyal, Landuse and Infrastructure Development Strategy for Planned Transformation of Bally- Howrah-Uluberia Planning Area, 312-348, Urban Development in Howrah: Socio-Economic Perspectives”, Primus Books, New Delhi, 2015
10 Souvanic Roy and Soumen Mitra, Eco-development and Biodiversity Conservation- A Study of Sunderban Biosphere Reserve, West Bengal, 221-242, “Insights from the Field: Studies in Participatory Forest Management in India”, published by Winrock International India , New Delhi, 2011
11 Souvanic Roy, Ecological Sustainability and Metropolitan Development: The Calcutta Experience, 293-302, “Waste Recycling and Resource Management in the Developing World” published by International Ecological Engineering Society, Switzerland, 2000
12 Souvanic Roy, Santhal Architecture, Published by Folk and Tribal Cultural Centre, Govt. of West Bengal, Calcutta, 1998
13 Souvanic Roy, Evaluation of Shelter Strategies for Urban Poor: Case Study Metropolitan Calcutta, 137-141, “Housing Development and Management” published by Centre for Built Environment, Calcutta, India, 1996

Created: 23 November 2019